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Sugar Décor Workshop Comments

Sugar Décor Workshop Participants' Comments

Comments and feedback we've received from some of our workshop participants...

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Participants' Comments:
Everything was handled step-by-step and no misunderstandings. It is a very different and unique art and not seen everywhere.
Madelein Van Rensburg, September 2008 IHS

The Instructor was very helpful and patient. He was willing to do extra miles with everything. Peter is friendly and talks true.
Azania Mana, Twelve Apostle Hotel, September 2008 IHS

I am very satisfied, it was a great learning course. I had lot of fun and will be looking in move forward with sugar art.
Scott Kirkbride, Creme and Cacao, September 2008 IHS

I found Peter is very knowledgeable about sugar art and when asked questions he responded quickly and clearly.
Gilmour Cogill, Aubergine Restaurant, September 2008 IHS

Good quality for many- lot of useful information, tips, ideas. Very Professional course.
Colette Harmes, September 2008 IHS

This was by far the best course that I have ever been on before. It was very good to be shown step by step how to make all the pieces. I feel Peter is very patient, and everything is shown in a chronological way.
Roberto de Carvalho, Twelve Apostle Hotel, October 2007 SACA.

I was happy with the 2 days and with what we have learned and made. Peter was excellent, was good in everything he did and he gave more than enough info. His showpieces were outstanding.
Jason Farrell, Vineyard Hotel, October 2007 SACA.

I have learned a lot! The whole workshop was done very professionally and there was enough info for the beginner. The steps were explained perfectly so that everyone could understand and Peter was great with giving individual attention to everyone.
Tanja Kruger, Hunters Hotel, October 2007 SACA.

Very satisfied, there is lots of info and the quality of the equipment and product are great. Peter is great, very patient and helpful.
Olivia Venter, Lagoon Beach Hotel, November 2007 IHS .

I was very satisfied with the sugar art workshop.
Mynhardt de Jongh, Hillcrest Berry Orchards, November 2007 IHS .

I have learnt so much! Peter has ample knowledge, as well as skill. He is very patient and a good teacher. It was excellent; I can not wait to be a part of the next course.
Candice Rooks, Peninsula Hotel, November 2007 IHS .

The course was extremely professional, and well presented. A huge amount of knowledge was showed in a very short space of time. Peter was excellent and provided plenty of info on all aspects of the course.
Sarah Guthie, Bakery Provisions (Pty) Ltd, November 2007 IHS .

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