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What is Sugar Art?

Sugar Decorations - a Confectionary Art

Sugar Art Explained

This form of Artistry requires the pastry chef to have patience and to practice until the hands learn the technique. Practice and patience is the key to mastering this art form.
There are different types of sugar elements from which the decorations can be assembled.

Sugar decorations can be made of "pulled" sugar. Once the sugar has been cooked, it is folded repeatedly until the sugar is cool enough to handle. Then the sugar is folded repeatedly again which enables the air to penetrate into the sugar giving it a bright shine.

"Blown" sugar is the other basic element of sugar compositions. A portion of "pulled" sugar is placed on a tip of either a wood or metal tube. A rubber pump (which is most commonly a hand pump) is attached to the tube. Afterwards the sugar is blown and while being blown, it can be formed, often into animal or fruit shapes. Chefs must use fans to cool the sugar while turning so that the air can cool the sugar evenly.

"Cast" sugar is also a type of element that usually serves as a base of the composition. In this technique the sugar is poured into moulds.

Few things are as beautiful and unique as pulled and blown sugar decorations. Chefs with imagination and good hand technique can create almost anything from sugar.

I am looking forward to meeting you at one of my courses to share my passion with You!

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