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Feedback: Sugar Craft Demonstration on the 25th August 2008
I want to thank you for coming to our academy and demonstrating your art of Sugar craft. It's very rare to see the students sit so still and enthralled for that length of time (4 hrs). The looks on their faces said enough, they where totally taken with your demonstrations, knowledge and experience.
The comments back from my students where very positive and all were in complete wonder at what you do. For some it gave them a new insight into what else they can do to increase their knowledge and experience within patisserie. Many thanks and we look forward to future demonstration at the academy.
Miss T. Adamson, Managing Principal, Meerendal Hospitality Academy.

Feedback: Sugar Craft Demonstration on the 14th August 2008
Peter first came to The International Hotel School 4 years ago when he dropped in with his brochure looking to see if the school needed any training. Lucky enough for the school one of our lecturers looked at the photos and sent him to me. Since that day Peter has come and shown off his amazing sugar skill to all of our third year trainees and last year started doing his Practical classes for the public and the industry. I have had the pleasure of sitting in on his demonstrations and of trying out my own skills under Peters watchful eye and it still amazes me what he is able to do. I hope those of you who are thinking of coming on his courses take the opportunity as what you are going to learn is unique and you have a brilliant teacher.
Philip Cook, Culinary Lecturer, International Hotel School (Pty) Ltd

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