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Sugar Décor Workshops

Sugar Decoration Workshop Timetable

Date Workshop Price Venue Max. Places Bookings
2010 Beginner I R3750 Intl. Hotel School
2010 Beginner II R3750 S.A. Chef Academy
2010 Beginner I R3750 Sugar Decor Private Kitchen

Sugar Décor Workshop Aim

The aim is to teach the students step by step how to make a sugar showpiece from the basics to the professional level. After completing the courses the students will be able to work alone with the sugar using their imagination and creativity.

General Information

Course: 2 days / 2 x 6 hours(9:00-12:00, 12:00-13:00 (lunch), 13:00-16:00)
             8 students / workshop
Price includes: course fee, ingredients, documentation and recipes.
Cameras can be used during the course. Photographs taken during the course can be downloaded from the Sugar Decor website. Students will be given a diploma upon completion of the course.

Beginner I. Workshop
Training program:
• Basic techniques of casting, pulling and blowing
• Spun Isomalt and rock sugar
• Working with silicone and rubber moulds
• Ribbons, flowers (rose, orchid, lily)
• Figures: vase, fish, bird, swan
This 2-day course will teach you the basic techniques of working with sugar. You will prepare and boil sugar yourself and learn how to handle it professionally. All students can take their own sculptures home.

Beginner II. Workshop
Training program:
• Perfecting the basic techniques
• Working in an efficient manner
• Effective airbrushing
• Dolphins
• Clown
• Blown fruits displayed in a woven basket of sugar
You will learn how to blow the sugar in practice and how to make different fruits, such as apple, banana, strawberry, kiwi, pineapple, pear, peach. Then you will make a woven basket. You will create a showpiece of approximately 30-40 cm in height, there will be 2 themes: sea world and fruits. This course will teach you a higher level of techniques of sugar art.

Advanced I. Workshop
Training program:
• Using imagination
• Organizing work effectively
• Blown sugar unicorn or horse
• Wedding couple
• Easter rabbit
Students will learn how to create decorations, showpieces for different functions such as birthdays, Eastern, Christmas or weddings. You will use the techniques you have learnt during the first 2 courses. Using your imagination you will make your own individual showpiece with your teacher's help.

Advanced II. Workshop
Training program:
• Working individually
• Planning the whole procedure of making the sugar showpiece
• Working within a time frame
• Wedding car
• Motorbike
• Individually created decoration in a theme
Students will have to plan the procedure of making a sugar showpiece. You will work alone during the course. On the 2nd day the students will create their own showpiece and they have to use the techniques they have learnt. The theme will be provided at the course.

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